Quality Is Winning over Quantity – A Baguio SEO Observation

The recent Google algorithm dubbed as Panda 3.4 showed a lot of reality especially in the field of SEO in the Philippines. For several months now we have been optimising Syntcorp website using two strong keywords, please forgive us for not divulging the keywords, and for several months also we have not gained a very high ranking. We thought maybe it is because of the fact that our competition are large SEO companies that has millions of investments in the field of online marketing or search engine optimization in general.

We continued on with conducting our white hat seo strategies hoping that one day we would be able to break the ranking barrier, just last January we were able to reach page one and have been balancing between a page one and a page two ranking. However, to balance clients with our own site we continued on building quality links and quality content. Until last week when Google announced that they will be updating their algorithm.

Philippines SEO Ranking

What Happened?

After Google’s Algorithm update we saw that our now ranks fourth in the first page of Google. According to observation Google’s algorithm update targeted low quality content especially those that are posted in private blog networks.

What is a Private Blog Network?

A private blog networks is a service offered that will allow people to post articles on their numerous blog network not to convey any information but for purposes of building links.One such blog network is BMR or “Build My Rank”, the BMR blog network recently announced that they are closing their services because of the fact that Google has de-indexed all their blogs thus in effect their network cannot provide link value for their clients anymore.

A Baguio SEO Conclusion

In terms of search engine optimization, real investment means real return of investments. Those who provide services that resorts to black hat SEO or those who offer SEO services that focuses only on quantity over quality, the latest Google update must already be a warning that SEO services and websites in general must offer value to its clients over anything else. So if you really want to rank high in search engines you should only trust SEO consultancy services that provides quality output over quantity, such as the Baguio SEO and Philippines SEO services being provided by Syntcorp.

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