We Don’t Guarantee Rankings And Here’s Why

We recently ran into a conversation with an “SEO company” that emailed us saying that they can get our site in the first page of Google and other search engines in about three months. This got our team thinking, how could they be so sure that they can rank our site in three months time? […]



In Writing Content Would You Go For Jargon or Clarity?

On a recent webmaster help video by Matt Cutts he was asked on what is more important, whether to write content that is easier to read (or understand) or write scientifically (jargons). According to the video clarity is still much preferred rather than writing scientifically, this is because of the fact that you would really […]

Google Refreshed Page Layout Algorithm

You might be wondering, but yes your website’s page layout is also subject to Google’s algorithm. Which means that Google also takes action on websites with low quality page layout. In this refresh, Google focused on penalizing websites where their content are really not easily recognized or seen because the page layout above the fold […]

Simple Graphic Representation of the Issue


Press Release Link Building Ineffective

I have been saying it last year and even the year before that, about the deprecation of the use of Press Release for link building. Sadly, for a person who did not go mainstream in SEO and did not do anything to self-promote (until recently) people in the digital marketing business have show doubts and […]

Google Announced +Post Ads

Many companies has been getting traffic from their social media pages, thanks to the exposure that they gain through quality and engaging content. However, recently Facebook has “reduced” the number of organic traffic or the instance that your post will be shown on the newsfeed of the people who liked your page, the only way […]



Technology and Travel Industry, The Digital Tourism

For quite sometime now Syntcorp has diversified or rather focused (is the proper term) in promoting companies that are in the Hospitality industry. We have now focused in the field of digital marketing for tourism in the Philippines and have been working on several research on how we could use technology in promoting tourism and […]

Where Should I Link?

Many webmasters are asking the question where should i link? This question became very common because of the fact that Google has already banned the use of spam links as a ranking signal through the Google Penguin algorithm. What is Google Penguin? Well it is basically an algorithm that is tasked to do one thing […]



Should I Focus More On Linkbuilding?

Ok we usually do not blog about questions being asked by our clients or even by anyone who send emails to us. But it is my advocacy to help those who are trying to help themselves. So this time i will start answering questions that you may want to ask with restrictions of course. I […]

Quick Emergency Response Tips In A Social Media Crisis

The advent of social media create a shift of power, previously, the power to dictate prices and the type of service that is given to a client resides mostly in the enterprise or business, however with social media the power shifted mostly to the consumer. As a person engaged in business you cannot discount the […]



The Penguin 2.0 Has Been Released What To Do?

The Penguin 2.0 Initial Announcement The Penguin 2.0 Actual Launch Announcement   New blog post:Penguin 2.0 rolled out today goo.gl/fb/U7llH — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) May 23, 2013 The Penguin 2.0 has been released last May 22, 2013, twitter and other social media networks are abuzz about this new algorithm update.  Ever Since Matt Cutts, the […]